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Hello Nem Hobby team, I received already. Very fast. Thank you very much.
- Liliane
I was looking for inspiration to create my own multicopter and these poducts did it Thanks a lot!
- Happy Customer
Hello Manos, you are a star! Parcel left on 2/8/18 and arrived at my home 11.30am on 6/8/18 Less than 4 days (even including weekend) in transit from pick up to delivery at my home! brilliant service. Also, service and communications (from yourself) very excellent, clear and friendly. Excellent online tracking system. Packaging was superb, box fully protected and sealed. So many thanks Manos for a superb service, someday I hope I might be able to buy you a glass (or two) of Ouzo! αντίο για τώρα Did I get this right?Regards, Bill
- Bill
Thank you very much for the Gifts, they seem very interesting, and I will consider your hardware in my next build. Brackets, and mounting clamps seem to be very light. I will certainly consider using them in my next build
- Satisfy Customer
Great job, guys, keep up the great work!
- Natalia